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Due to COVID-19:

ALL Seminars will be conducted by Live Interactive Webinar. We want to give students the opportunity to get a COVID vaccination and ensure all students feel safe within their learning environment. We hope to be back in person for 2022!

For Interactive WEBINAR:
  • PC with Internet connection
  • Cisco WebEx Software – a link for the free download will be sent
  • Java Script
  • Phone
  • If all employees will be in one room, a projector and speakers
For New PHMSA COVID-19 Updates, Click here: https://www.phmsa.dot.gov/newsroom Including Hand Sanitizer, Special Permits, Training, etc

Dangerous Goods Council
is an educational organization that promotes safety in the transporting and handling of hazardous materials both domestically and internationally. We train and support our customers so they can ship hazardous materials in compliance with the law, minimizing risks to themselves, their employees, and the public.

Dangerous Goods Council provides complete hazardous material solutions for major companies all over the world. We provide complete training services for D.O.T. 49-CFR, International Air, and IMO related regulations. Our certified instructors have over 20 years in the hazardous materials industry.

Our certified specialists can help you negotiate the government’s tangled maze of hazardous materials regulations, and will explain your responsibilities to you in plain English. We offer a wide range of cost effective products and services, including:


Whether you ship hazardous materials once a day or once a month, you can’t afford to waste precious time trying to figure out how to make your shipments comply with an ever-changing array of government regulations. Nor can you afford to be out of compliance, at risk for fines, injuries, or cargo claims.

  • 49-CFR

  • International Air

  • UPS

  • Fed-Ex

  • DHL

  • Bill of Lading

  • Shippers Declaration


Dangerous Goods Council offers a variety of seminars throughout the United States and also provides customized training at customer locations. All of our courses train employees who work with or around hazardous materials to perform their jobs safely, minimizing the risk of fines, personal injuries, and cargo claims.

  • 49-CFR

  • International Air

  • IMDG

  • Safety Training

  • OSHA Training


The Dangerous Goods Council offers a complete line of packaging materials designed to eliminate problems in handling and shipping hazardous or dangerous Goods of any size. We also provide consulting services to help our customers meet United Nations shipping standards at the lowest possible cost.

  • UN-approved specification packaging

  • D.O.T. exemption packaging

  • Paperwork

  • Labels


Dangerous Goods Council will put your company under the same scrutiny D.O.T. would, but with your interests in mind. We’ll help you resolve potential hazards and develop procedures and methods that ensure compliance. And we’ll also give you a written, confidential report of our findings, explaining your responsibilities in plain english.

  • D.O.T./ OSHA standards

  • Air Quality Testing

  • Training program

  • Storage and Disposal of hazardous materials

  • Permits

  • Environmental business plans

  • Spill/accident requirements

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