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Due to COVID-19:

ALL Seminars will be conducted by Live Interactive Webinar. We want to give students the opportunity to get a COVID vaccination and ensure all students feel safe within their learning environment. We hope to be back in person for 2022!

For Interactive WEBINAR:
  • PC with Internet connection
  • Cisco WebEx Software – a link for the free download will be sent
  • Java Script
  • Phone
  • If all employees will be in one room, a projector and speakers
For New PHMSA COVID-19 Updates, Click here: https://www.phmsa.dot.gov/newsroom Including Hand Sanitizer, Special Permits, Training, etc

DGC offers a variety of seminars throughout the United States and also provides customized training at customer locations. We are offering Certification/Recertification seminars for HAZMAT employees to meet new government requirements for transporting hazardous materials. All of our courses train employees who work with or around hazardous materials to perform their jobs safely, minimizing the risk of fines, personal injuries, and cargo claims.

Seminars are taught using a combination of lectures, visual aids, work projects, and question & answer sessions. Students will learn the 7-step procedure for shipping HAZMAT. Upon passing a written exam participant receive a certification of accomplishment, meeting DOT 172.700 subpart H & 1.5 Int’l Air requirements.

49-CFR / Int’l Air 3-Day Certification – This seminar combines training in 49-CFR & Int’l Air regulations meeting DOT & Int’l Air Certification requirements into one 3-day class.

49-CFR 2-Day Certification – This seminar will train students to satisfy DOT Certification requirements for shipping hazardous materials.

Int’l Air 1-Day Certification – This seminar will train students to satisfy IATA / ICAO regulations Certification requirements for shipping dangerous goods.

49-CFR 1-Day Recertification Webinar* – This seminar will train students to satisfy DOT Re-Certification requirements for shipping hazardous materials. Student must be previously certified in 49-CFR.

IMDG 1-Day Certification/Recertification Webinar* – This seminar will train students to satisfy the IMDG regulations certification requirements for shipping hazardous materials. Student must have current IMDG certified and/or current certification in 49-CFR or Int’l Air regulations.

2021 Dangerous Goods Council Training Schedule:


49-CFR & 
Int. Air


Air 1-Day


Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Jan 11-13

Jan 11-12

Jan 13

Ft Worth, TX

Feb 9-11

Feb 9-10

Feb 13

Atlanta, GA

Mar 9-10

Mar 9-10

Mar 11

*Newark, NJ

Apr 12-14

Apr 12-13

Apr 14

*Madison, WI

Apr 27-29

Apr 27-28

Apr 29

*Baltimore, MD

May 18-20

May 18-19

May 20

*Raleigh, NC

May 18-20

May 18-19

May 20

*Cleveland, OH

Jun 8-10

Jun 8-9

Jun 10

*Houston, TX

Jul 13-15

Jul 13-14

Jul 15

*St Louis, MO

Aug 16-18

Aug 16-17

Aug 18

*Myrtle Beach, SC

Aug 16-18

Aug 16-17

Aug 18

*Newark, NJ

Sept 21-23

Sept 21-22

Sept 23

*Madison, WI

Oct 5-7

Oct 5-6

Oct 7

*Long Beach, Ca

Oct 18-20

Oct 18-19

Oct 20

*Atlanta, GA

Nov 15-17

Nov 15-16

Nov 17

*Harrisburg, PA

Dec 6-8

Dec 6-7

Dec 8

* Indicates Seminar is now an Interactive Webinar

Note: FedEx requires Int’l Air for Domestic Air Shipments

Register for a Seminar: Fill out the Registration Form, then Email to hazmat@hazshipper.com or fax to 717-848-8841. Click Here for a Registration Form.

To Register for a Webinar: Contact Dangerous Goods Council at 717-848-8840 or email hazmat@hazshipper.com.


  • Seminars run 8am to 5pm / 1hr for lunch (not provided)
  • *Virtual Learning Class via Interactive Webinar
  • 1-Day Int’l Air Seminars: Current CFR or Int’l Air Current Certification Required / Proof of Certification Required
  • IATA regulations are not included for all Int’l Air Seminars. MUST rent/purchase/bring a copy. Each student is required to have a IATA regulations for the seminar.
  • *1-Day Re-Cert Webinar: Proof of Current CFR / Int’l Air/IMDG Certification Required / Regulations not included /Contact DGC for Dates and Details.
  • Accommodations separate / Responsibly of Student


Cancellation Policy: A fee will be charged for cancellations & rescheduling within 14 days (2 weeks) prior to seminar. $230 for CFR or Int’l Air only seminar; $325 for 3-day seminar. (Substitutions may be made). Within 1 week, a fee of Half the Registration Cost will be assessed. Remaining balance will be held as credit for another course within 1 year.

Webinar* Registration & Cancellation Policy: Contact DGC for Registration Form & Cancellation Policy.

No-Show Policy: A fee of Half the Registration Cost will be charged. Remaining balance will be held as credit for another course within 1 year.

Late Registration Policy: A late fee will be added to registration cost within 10 days prior to the seminar.

DGC reserves the right to cancel seminars 14 days (2 weeks) prior to start date. In that event, a refund will be issued or you may apply your prepayment to another seminar.

Dangerous Goods Council can provide customized training at your Facility…
Call or email us for a price quote! 717-848-8840 / hazmat@hazshipper.com

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