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The Department of Transportation (DOT) audits more than 30,000 businesses each year to ensure compliance with hazardous materials regulations. You could be next, but don't panic. Simply contact the Dangerous Goods Council and ask about our audit and consulting services - services you can use to ensure that you are operating within the law.

Dangerous Goods Council will put your company under the same scrutiny that DOT would, but with your interests in mind. We'll help you resolve potential hazards and develop procedures and methods that ensure compliance. We'll also give you a written, confidential report of our findings, explaining your responsibilities in plain English.

Why perform an Audit?

  • The Environmental Protection Agency and some states have issued policies that reward companies which conduct audits and take positive action based on the results.

  • Many states have laws that protect audit reports from being used against the company. This protection exists if the company improves its health and safety compliance.

  • Federal guidelines clearly recognize the benefits of an environmental audit.

DGC auditors will inspect the same areas addressed by DOT, including your:

  • Training program

  • Environmental business plan

  • Storage of hazardous chemicals

  • Housekeeping practices

  • Permits

  • Air quality testing

  • Storage & disposal of hazardous waste

  • Driver qualification requirements

  • Spill/accident requirements

  • Compliance with the Community Right-to-Know Act

The consequence for non-compliance with the government's ever increasing array of regulations governing hazardous materials can be devastating and far reaching. An unsatisfactory audit could shut your company down or expose it to fines and penalties, the consequences of which could impact your insurance carrier, your clients, and your stockholders. Don't let it happen! Save your company from liability hassles - and possible criminal prosecution - by taking advantage of DGC's audit and consulting services today.

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