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With the Haz-Shipperę (HAZMAT Compliance Software) you can create and save templates; print certification (end-of-day report), check inner & outer compliance limits; check carrier limits; create your own technical name database; add LTD-QTY, RQ, Inhalation Hazard, etc. to the paperwork, share all databases (customer, template, etc.) for all modes of transportation.  Haz-Shipperę is unique in the fact that it is a complete compliance checking software program.  It has the logic of the 49-CFR, International Air, and IMO regulations as well as all UPS standards.  Help text is also available in the software and a manual is included on the CD.  more info

*** IMPORTANT *** You must have the computer name of the computer where Haz-Shipper is going to be installed before purchasing Haz-Shipper.  You will be asked for the computer name when purchasing Haz-Shipper.  How do I find my computer name?

Note - Contact Dangerous Goods Council at (717) 848-8840 about integration, network license or web pricing. Click here for more information about the NEW FedEx DG Ready Integration. Items below are single user stand-alone pricing only.

Haz-Shipper with Technical Support

Product Description Price* Action
49-CFR (Gold)
(All Domestic Modes of transportation:  UPS, FedEx, Delta, LTL, etc... & 3D Box)
799 + 200 = $999 order
International Air
(All International Modes of transportation (Air): UPS, FedEx, Delta, Passenger/Cargo aircraft, etc... & 3D Box)
799 + 200 = $999 order
(Vessel & 3D Box)
799 + 200 = $999 order
49-CFR & International Air
(All Domestic & International shipments)
1450 + 200 = $1650 order
49-CFR & International Air & IMO
(All Domestic, International & Vessel shipments)
1950 + 200 = $2150 order

* Prices are in U.S. Dollars and subject to change without notice.

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